Small Animal Vet needed on UK Visa Sponsorship

Small Animal Vet needed on UK Visa Sponsorship

Springfield Vets located in Sheffield S12 is not just a workplace; it’s a community dedicated to providing exceptional care for small animals. To understand the ethos and commitment of this veterinary practice, let’s delve into the history, values and principles that have shaped Springfield Vets into the reputable establishment it is today.


Springfield Vets has a rich history, steeped in a tradition of excellence in veterinary care. The journey began with a passion for animal welfare and a commitment to serving the local community. Over the years, the practice has evolved, adapting to advancements in veterinary medicine and technology while always prioritizing the well being of the animals under its care.

Founded on principles of compassion, expertise and community engagement, Springfield Vets has become a cornerstone in Sheffield’s veterinary landscape. The historical context of the practice showcases a dedication to maintaining the highest standards of veterinary service and a continuous pursuit of excellence.

The ownership and leadership structure of Springfield Vets plays a pivotal role in shaping the practice’s identity. The individuals or entities at the helm influence the practice’s values, mission and overall direction.


Whether privately owned, part of a larger veterinary network or operated as a not for profit entity, the leadership’s commitment to animal welfare and client satisfaction sets the tone for the entire team.

The management team at Springfield Vets is not just a group of professionals; they are passionate individuals who have dedicated themselves to the well being of animals. Their leadership style fosters a collaborative and supportive environment, emphasizing continuous learning and growth for the entire team.

Springfield Vets, situated within the Sheffield Hub with sites in Hackenthorpe, Crystal Peaks and Gleadless is more than just a local veterinary practice; it’s a hub of excellence in animal care. With two operating sites and a consult only site, the practice caters to a diverse range of small animal healthcare needs.

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The commitment to excellence is further demonstrated by the practice’s access to advanced facilities within the Springfield group. This includes a 24 hour hospital with dedicated out of hours (OOH) staffing in Rotherham offering around the clock care.

The practice is also involved in offering advanced practitioner (AP) referrals in surgery, medicine, cardiology and ophthalmology showcasing a dedication to staying at the forefront of veterinary medicine.

Are you a Small Animal Vet seeking a rewarding career opportunity? Springfield Vets in Sheffield offers an exciting position with flexible work arrangements to help you achieve a perfect work life balance. Whether you prefer full time, part time or flexi hours including term time and school hours, we have options for you. Occasional weekend work may be required.


  • Company pension
  • Relocation packages (up to £5k)
  • UK Visa Sponsorship (for eligible candidates)
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Occasional weekend work
  • Collaborative and supportive team environment

About Us

Situated within a 3 mile radius in Sheffield, the Springfield Hub consists of three sites – Hackenthorpe, Crystal Peaks and Gleadless. With two operating sites and one consult-only site, our practice emphasizes collaboration, case discussions and skill sharing among colleagues. We hold regular team and governance meetings, encouraging everyone to contribute ideas for continuous improvement.

Additional facilities within the Springfield group include a 24 hour hospital staffed by our dedicated OOH team in Rotherham, AP referrals in various specialties and a hospital extension in May 2022, featuring a CT scanner. The Hospital received all six “Outstanding” RCVS awards showcasing our commitment to excellence.

Our team is experienced, supportive and functions as a close knit family. A stable management team, filled through internal promotion, reflects our dedication to internal growth and career progression. Many team members are involved in significant CVS projects offering numerous opportunities for professional development.

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Relocation and Area

South Yorkshire where Springfield Vets is located, boasts a rich cultural heritage with museums, galleries and historic sites such as Sheffield Cathedral and the Doncaster Museum. The region’s beautiful countryside includes the Peak District National Park offering stunning views and outdoor activities.

South Yorkshire provides a high quality of life, combining cultural offerings with scenic landscapes, nature reserves and recreational opportunities. The region is ideal for those valuing culture, nature and economic prospects.

What We Offer

Understanding that individual preferences for benefits vary, we provide a range of options including holidays, pensions, discounts, paternal leave, fee payments and share save schemes.

Flexible working arrangements are prioritized and for clinical staff, we offer extensive Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities. Access to Knowledge Hub, a leading online veterinary learning resource and an allowance for external courses are part of our commitment to professional growth.

For further details and a confidential discussion, please contact our Clinical Recruiter, Karolina, at 07770 685 414 (call, text or WhatsApp) or email Jane, Hub 3 Manager, via

Discover your next fulfilling role as a Small Animal Vet at Springfield Vets in Sheffield where professional growth meets work life balance. Apply today and embark on a rewarding journey with our collaborative and supportive team.

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